Parish of Cockett


Baptism is the way we become a Christian. Whether you are an adult seeking baptism, or you want your child baptised, we are delighted to share in your Christian journey. Please come and make yourself known to our priest.

For an adult, baptism comes as a decisive next step after time exploring the faith. You will want to worship with us and grow into the new Christian life before you make solemn vows.

Baptism for a child says that the parents and godparents want to raise the child as part of God's family. God's family worships together regularly, so the first thing you need to decide is: Do I intend to bring my child to church regularly?  If the answer is no, then baptism is not right for your child at the moment. 

If the answer is 'yes', please see our priest after any of our worship.


To book a funeral please contact the vicar (see 'Our Vicar' tab).