A History of St Peter's Church, Cockett book is now available. Please see Adele Cunningham - the cost is £3 which covers the cost of publishing so if you are able to donate a bit more this will go towards Parish Funds.

We are part of the Church in Wales (Anglican) that traces its lineage back over 1800 years to the beginnings of the Christian faith in these islands. Our ancestors first brought the Good News here and then set out to share that same message with the rest of the world starting with northern Europe going further afield. In doing so they sought to obey Jesus' last instructions, to go and make Him known to the world in which they lived, making other disciples (apprentices) to Him. How this is done varies from church to church. 

St. Peters 1 

St. Peter's Church, Cockett Road.


StIlltyds exterior

St. Illtyd's Church, Ystrad Road.